Azania Rizing was born from a long history of third wave cinema coming out of the global South. The pathfinders of this movement allowed us to come into existence and create the platform and an actual audience to produce documentaries and feature films that stimulate public discourse around issues which often remain only in the realm of private conversations; around the dinner tables.


The notion of "industry" has allowed the so-called privileged who've had access to going to film schools to perpetuate narratives and stereotypes about the "underrepresented" without the voice of the so-called voiceless, and its these notion that Azania Rizing attempts to challenge and become vanguards, break barriers and decolonize ideas around who has access to the "industry" and create portals and a new wave of voices that leads to encouraging active viewers rather than passive audiences of cinema.



email: info@azaniarizing.com

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